Monday, August 23, 2010

I Need to Upgrade My Bike

A few years ago I built up a fixed gear conversion, painted the frame black and bought some gold wheels. It has proved a pretty bomb-proof commuter in all weather for the past two years, but all the components are pretty mediocre. I bent the original fork's head tube, and broke the replacement. The frame is 1" threaded with non-horizontal dropouts currently has fuji cranks from a dumpster, a Nitto quill stem, mismatched fork, ancient BB, and a no-name brand headset. It's getting harder to find upgraded parts (like a durable new fork) so i'm thinking about getting a new complete bike, and selling my conversion. I want a cool fixed gear commuter.  I don't do 'tricks' but I want to be able to hop curbs, ride in snow, etc. I ride vigorously and enthusiastically.

Ok, first things first, I'm pretty broke. I looking for a steal. One bike being sold on deep discount right now through is the SE Bikes PK Ripper Fixed for $499 w/ free shipping.

Through the Tommaso Augusta Pro Track is being sold for $399.95 with free shipping.

The PK Ripper Fixed looks like it has some pretty good specs, whether you like the aesthetics, thats your own thing.  I am no track bike purist, after all the decals come off I like the beefiness.  Notable features are it is an aluminum frame, Velocity wheels, 3-pc crank, pedals and cages, and Vittoria 28c tires. The included brake is a plus, although it will get moved to the front and the seat will need to be replaced (its a hard plastic BMX seat). Given some press on this bike I'm just not sure I won't break (the unofficial fuck a pk ripper thread).  SE Bikes has however assured me that it is under a 5-yr warranty and some people have been treating them like BMX bikes.

The steel Augusta frame seems to have basic track geometry. The Ninja Pro build comes with DP-18 wheels, and all black Tommaso components, and a nice Tommaso TRS saddle.  It does not come with pedals or cages, so thats a bummer.  At $100 less than the PK Ripper im at a standoff.  Steel is real, but the PK states a 21.25 lb weight (which I assume includes pedals and brakes), while the Tommaso states a 21.6 lb weight for the 54cm (I assume without pedals).

Both bikes have had some bad press, which may explain their bargain pricing. Tommaso sent a few of the Augusta frames out that were poorly made and not straight (RoadBikeReview) but they seem to have replaced any that were actually defective.  If anyone sees anything different in the specs that I didn't mention, or that you think is relevant lemme know.

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