Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mother Brother Basement Show VIDEO

Mother Brother - You Came LIVE in Bridgeport, CT 7/23/10 from Matthew Grandin on Vimeo.

On Friday two of my buddies (brothers Matt and Adam Vitti) of Mother Brother hosted 5 bands (Midi, Sirs, Fugue, Weird Korea and 5 turns 25) in their humble basement.  Everyone rocked their sets despite the sweltering temps.  Mother Brother played last, letting loose here in this video with a song called You Came.  After playing back to back shows (Friday and Saturday) they setting off for a tour of Chicago and Milwaukee today.  Wish you the best of luck guys and melt some faces!  Stay tuned for more photos of both shows.

Check out their pages:

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  1. Nice angle you captured, definitely looked hot down there!

    Thanks for coming out to our show in NYC last night too Matthew.