Thursday, March 18, 2010

FORKS - I need a new one bad!

My fork is very very bent, and unrideable. This is a bike injury that has been long in the making. My headset is also kaput, with an unsettling amount of very fine cracks in it.

I'm thinking about a straight fork because I think they will have more impact durability, and I like riding aggressively.  I want to be able to bounce up and down curbs with no problem, or ride a dirt trail every once and a while.  These dudes at Gorrilla Bikes jumps stairs and whatnot, and they rock straight forks so I think they got something right.
This one is on sale at Spicer Bikes for $85.

This beauty here is a fork from Soma, retails for $150

Some info I found on the straight vs. curved debate from Performance Bike.

  • Straight blade. This style has the fork rake incorporated into the crown. The blades angle outward and are completely straight all the way down to the fork ends (dropouts). This style has a reputation for having a stiffer, more responsive ride characteristic and is preferred by some racers and/or aggressive riders.
  • Curved blade. This style has the rake incorporated as a gradual curve from the crown to the fork ends. Traditionally, this feature is designed to absorb road shock. This style is generally preferred by riders looking for a smooth, comfortable ride for long distance riding and racing.
Check this post over at Prollyisnotprobably and see the new crop of "Luxury-Straight-bladed-tubular-mountain-messenger-fashion forks"!  Sweet.

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